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Feeling Curious? Want to experience the joy and fun of GMF courses? Now you have the chance! We offer a trial to anyone who is interested in our programs. Please fill in the below form to join us.

See you at the court!

好奇想體驗GMF課程的樂趣? 機會來了!


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I hereby confirm, acknowledge and understand that all information relating to my child(ren), including but not limited to his/her/their videos, photographs, images and/or pictures may be used by GMF for all future marketing material, including, but not limited to print advertisements, television advertisements, website or internet related advertisements of whatsoever nature, and further confirm and acknowledge that neither my child(ren) nor myself nor my spouse nor guardian shall be entitled to any proceeds whatsoever derived therefrom or to any interest therein. The information provided in the enrolment form by the applicants is true and correct and the applicants are eligible for the training according to the rules set by the Organizer. I understand that if false information is provided, we will be immediately disqualified with all the results cancelled. Enrolment fee will not be refunded. The applicants agree to comply with all the rules set by the Organizer. The applicant is healthy and physically fit to participate in the above competition. GMF shall not be liable for any injuries or death which the applicant may sustain in the training due to their own negligence, ill health or poor physical condition. 本人確認允許、了解及明白由GMF所拍攝有關本人或本人家長的課程相關影片、相片、形像或圖片,均可作日後GMF以任何形式的宣傳用途,本人或本人配偶或本人家長或本人監護人均不會向GMF提出任何方式的收費及回報。本人在報名表格內所填報的資料全部屬實,亦符合GMF所訂的參加資格。本人明白,若有虛報資料,將會被實時取消所有參加資格,所繳報名費用將不獲退還。申請人願意遵守GMF所有規則。申請人健康及體能良好,適宜參加上述活動。如果申請人因疏忽或健康或體能欠佳,而引致於參加這項活動時傷亡,GMF則無須負責。
Please wear sports apparel
and bring your gear!